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Traditional cotton bedding is all about thread count. But high thread counts lead to stiffer and hotter fabrics. Cotton bedding is also harder to clean, produces more lint, promotes allergens, retains moisture and causes skin-irritating friction. DermaTherapy fabrics provide a cleaner, hypoallergenic, drier and smoother lint-free sleep surface, allowing your skin the optimal environment to refresh.

Difficult to Clean

Problem Cotton fabrics have pores and retain moisture and heat, leaving bed linens soiled and sometimes dingy, even after washing
Solution DermaTherapy fabrics have a special soil-release finish, leaving your linens cleaner and healthier for your skin, wash after wash. DermaTherapy’s continuous-filament fabrics are also stain-resistant and hypoallergenic.

Collects Bacteria & Allergens

Problem Allergens and other contaminants get trapped in cotton fabrics, which can cause allergic reactions and restless nights.
Solution DermaTherapy fabrics are hypoallergenic, reducing allergic reactions caused by dusty bedding. All DermaTherapy fabrics have an antimicrobial treatment to maintain freshness, dramatically reducing the opportunity for bacteria to grow and spread.

Moisture Control

Problem Moisture quickly absorbs into cotton, inhibiting evaporation and leaving sheets damp.
Solution DermaTherapy fabrics are woven of fibers with unique cross sections that create micro-channels to wick moisture away from skin.

Temperature Control

Problem Cotton sheets fail to regulate body temperature and retain heat and moisture, causing overheating.
Solution DermaTherapy fabrics are cool to the touch and, through the use of unique micro-fibers, keep you from getting too cold or too hot.

Lint Generation

Problem Check your lint filter after drying cotton bedding--cotton fabrics generate hundreds of thousands of fiber particles that are transferred into the air or to your skin.
Solution DermaTherapy fabrics are lint free, and release no lint or contaminating particles.

Skin-Irritating Friction

Problem Cotton fabrics are made with millions of short-staple fibers that protrude out of the surface of the sheet. These tiny barbs are lint producing, abrasive and can cause skin irritation.
Solution DermaTherapy fabrics are woven from a strong, continuous-filament yarn that creates a consistently smooth, silk-like surface. Friction and skin abrasiveness are virtually eliminated.
I can honestly say, a week into sleeping on the sheet and pillow case, I’m never going to be without it again!
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