Sheets that will never rub you the wrong way.

Heal and Prevent Pressure Wounds

Developing pressure ulcers (also known as bed sores) is inevitable if one must stay in bed for long periods of time. The moisture that accumulates between the body and the sheet leads to friction that damages the skin and leaves abrasions, especially with cotton bedding. DermaTherapy sheets practically eliminate this issue, all thanks to their wicking and smooth surface technology. Paired with a special antimicrobial and stain-resistant finish, infections don’t see the light of day.

Hospital Quality Care in Your Home

DermaTherapy bedding was compared with standard hospital bedding for 307 patients at risk of pressure wound development in an acute-care renal unit, over a six-month period.1


Fewer Wounds
Were Developed


More Wounds
Were Resolved

I felt so comfortable for sleeping after my operation; a good night’s sleep thanks to DermaTherapy Bedding.


Fewer Wounds
at Discharge


Fewer Days Spent in the Hospital

These sheets seem like a Godsend.


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Eczema & Psoriasis

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1 Coladonato J, Smith A, Watson N, Brown AT, McNichol LL, Clegg A, McPhail L, Griffin T, Montgomery TG. Prospective, Nonrandomized Controlled Trials to Compare the Effect of a Silk-Like Fabric to Standard Hospital Linens on the Rate of Hospital-acquired Pressure Ulcers. J Ostomy Wound Management 2012; 58(10):14-31.