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Proven In Clinical Trials, Our Smart Bedding Technology Offers Cooling Relief From Even Hot Flashes And Night Sweats.

Our scientists and engineers have developed a uniquely structured micro-fiber that cools and dries by a duel process that wicks heat and moisture away from the skin. As this moisture evaporates, the surrounding air is cooled through an endothermic process. Dermatherapy sheets provide a cooler and dryer night’s sleep even for those suffering from hot flashes. | Order Now


Our Scientists Have Created The Only Patented, Clinically-Proven Bedding Solution Available For Those Who Live With Menopause, Night Sweats, And Hot Flashes That Hinder The Ability To Get A Good Night’s Rest.

DermaTherapy®´s patented design and construction eliminates protruding short fibers, which are abrasive and can irritate the skin. The result is a skin-friendly fabric that reduces friction
by 35% versus cotton-blend fabrics and allows the skin to move
more easily against the fabric's surface. | Order Now

DermaTherapy® Magnified           Cotton Fibers Magnified

Unlike other wicking sheets, our bedding delivers a cooler and dryer sleep night after night. Other wicking sheets, which use a chemical finish to achieve their cooling and drying properties, lose their effectiveness after a few washes. Because our fiber technology uses a permanent structural design, you enjoy cooler and dryer night’s sleep for years. | Order Now

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