Pillowcase Provides

Hypoallergenic Sleeping Experience
Wicking Technology
Antimicrobial Finish

Clinical Trials

49% Reduction: Inflamatory Lesions

40% Reduction: Non-Inflamatory Spots

Proven In Clinical Trials - Our Engineered Pillowcase Provided Significant Improvement In Acne Symptoms

The Department of Dermatology, School of Medicine at Wake Forest University conducted a 12-week clinical trial involving patients with acne on the face. When Compared to the standard pillowcase users, Dermatherapy acne pillowcases users experienced a:

  • • 49% Reduction In Inflammatory Lesions
  • • 40% Reduction In Non-Inflammatory Spots

Our Patented Fabric Is  Uniquely Engineered And Does Not Use Harmful Additives Or Chemicals

DermaTherapy®´s patented design and construction eliminates protruding short fibers, which are abrasive and can irritate the skin. The result is a skin-friendly fabric that reduces friction by 35% versus cotton-blend fabrics and allows the skin to move more easily against the fabric's surface. | Order Now

    DermaTherapy    DermaTherapy® Magnified              Cotton Fibers Magnified

In addition, our pillowcase promotes a cleaner environment while sleeping with a durable antimicrobial treatment that maintains a clean, dry, fresh microclimate, essential for healing and maintaining healthy skin. Our pillowcase significantly reduces the bioburden of germs and bacteria. | Order Now

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