DermaTherapy® pillowcase provides a 100% safe way to promote clear and smooth skin with no chemical additives!

Helps alleviate current breakouts without irritating the skin or using topical treatments

Proven in Clinical Trials

Our Engineered Pillowcase Provides a Cleaner, Drier, Smoother Sleep Surface.

At a major School of Dermatology, a 12-week clinical trial was conducted involving participants with mild acne on the face.

When compared to participants using standard cotton pillowcases, those using Dermatherapy® pillowcases experienced reductions in Inflammatory Lesions and Non-Inflammatory Spots.

Details are available upon request

The Only Patented Pillowcase Using a Uniquely Designed Fabric
Which Doesn't Irritate Existing Breakouts...Without Additives or Topical Treatments

DermaTherapy®´s patented design and construction eliminates protruding short fibers, which are abrasive and can irritate the skin. The result is a silk-like, skin-friendly fabric that reduces friction by 35% versus cotton-blend fabrics, and allows the skin to move more easily against the fabric. | Order Now

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In addition, DermaTherapy® pillowcases promote a cleaner environment while sleeping by maintaining a clean, dry, fresh microclimate, essential for healing and maintaining healthy skin. Our pillowcase also reduces the bioburden of germs and bacteria. | Order Now

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