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You could say we’re here to make your dreams come true. Precision Fabrics Group is known throughout the world for developing innovative and technically advanced fabrics. We’re a company of scientists and engineers who produce the highest-tech fabrics for aerospace, healthcare, military, industrial, pharmaceutical and microelectronic manufacturing use. Our fabric experts set out to build the ultimate bedding for those that suffer from skin-care and related sleep issues. As a result, thousands of people have enjoyed dramatically improved sleep.

We do more than make sheets - we solve problems.

  • DermaTherapy for skincare is the first hospital bedding approved as a class I medical device by the FDA for the treatment of atopic dermatitis
  • First textile supplier in the USA to be fully qualified under ISO
  • ISO-registered to 9001 since 1993
  • Upgraded to 9001-2008 in October 2009
The sheets are specifically engineered to control temperature while you sleep, which can be a huge contributory factor to not sleeping well, so well worth your investment.

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