80% Overall Sleep Improvement

80% Uninterrupted Sleep
80% Ease of getting to sleep
100% Comfort improvement

Study Results Show Our Silk-Like Sheets Provide Significant Improvement In All Study Parameters.

Study Results After Using Our Sheets For 3 Months

"I overall like it, and Yes I would recommend them to anyone. They are great!"

"I am able to sleep comfortably and stay dry in my bed. I can sleep FRICTION FREE thanks to DERMATHERAPY BEDDING. "

"The sweating has stoppedand I can sleep comfortably!"

"Very impressed at how kind they are to my skin."

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Can’t sleep because of insomnia?  Our scientists and engineers have developed a uniquely structured micro-fiber that delivers a superior night sleep.

DermaTherapy®´s patented design and construction eliminates protruding short fibers, which are abrasive and can irritate the skin. The result is a skin-friendly fabric that reduces friction
by 35% versus cotton-blend fabrics and allows the skin to move
more easily against the fabric's surface. | Order Now

DermaTherapy® Magnified           Cotton Fibers Magnified

Cannot sleep?  Our inexpensive silk –like sheets provide a heavenly environment that studies show improves sleep even for those that can’t sleep well.   Drugs have side effects, good mattresses are expensive and silk sheets are expensive.    Turn cannot sleep into sleep like a baby | Order Now

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