227,468 Hours.
26 Years.
33 % of Your Life
Spent Sleeping.

A Cool Night's Sleep can be Yours

Night sweats brought on by conditions such as menopause can make sheets damp, clammy, and uncomfortable. Clinical trials show that DermaTherapy smart technology bedding offers relief from hot flashes and night sweats by reducing wetness and clamminess, resulting in better sleep. DermaTherapy's cooling sheets also boast a less-abrasive sleeping surface, keeping skin clear from irritations brought on by friction with protruding fibers and damp sleeping conditions.

A dry, restful sleep

DermaTherapy sheets for night sweats caused by conditions such as menopause are engineered by the same scientists and engineers who produce technologically advanced fabrics for military, medical and aerospace use. Other sheets protect the mattress. Our sheets protect you.

Channels Moisture Away From the Skin

Uniquely structured micro-fibers wick moisture away from the skin and distribute it evenly over the surface of the sheet.

More restful sleep and minimal sleep interruptions.

Reduces Wetness and Clamminess

As moisture evaporates off the sheets, the wetness and clamminess associated with hot flashes and night sweats are reduced. Your bedding--and your skin--remain cool and dry for a peaceful night’s sleep.

These sheets delivered superior quality and luxury. Beyond comfort, they are soft, silky, and low maintenance.

Provides a Dry, Cooling Sleep Surface

The result is a comfortable sleeping surface that stays dry and cool throughout the night.

Sleep well. Live better.

Independent clinical trials at respected medical centers show that DermaTherapy bedding can effectively relieve the discomfort associated with night sweats and hot flashes.

Read the full story at Therapeutic Bedding - A Nighttime Intervention for Menopause

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