Put Your Acne to Rest with DermaTherapy.

Sleep as a Treatment for Acne

DermaTherapy linens are clinically proven to facilitate the treatment of acne and help to prevent it. They promote a sanitary environment while sleeping with an antimicrobial finish that maintains a clean, dry, fresh microclimate, essential for a healing and maintaining healthy skin. The DermaTherapy pillowcase uses the same silk-like, moisture-wicking technology as our DermaTherapy sheets for a smooth, lint-free sleeping surface.

The Proof is in the Pillow

The Department of Dermatology, School of Medicine at Wake Forest University conducted a 12-week clinical trial involving patients with acne on the face. When compared to the standard pillowcase users, DermaTherapy pillowcase users experienced a:


Reduction in
Non-Inflammatory Spots

The sheets are incredibly soft and silky and I can sleep on them without feeling like my concoctions are rubbing off on them.


Reduction in
Inflammatory Lesions

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