Precision Fabrics Group Brings First FDA-Cleared Bed Linens to Market

Just in time for the 10th annual World Sleep Day on March 17, Precision Fabrics Group, Inc. (PFG) will offer its DermaTherapy® bedding direct to consumers. Used in hospitals, the FDA-cleared sheets, pillowcases and underpads use a proprietary FDA-cleared fabric technology to provide a cleaner, hypoallergenic, drier and smoother lint-free sleep surface and surrounding environment referred to as the “microclimate.”

Millions of people living with menopause, pressure wounds and various skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are unable to get a good night’s rest. Engineered to enhance the sleeping experience, DermaTherapy bed linens utilize unique continuous-filament micro-fibers that are cool to the touch, lint free, wick away moisture and create a consistently smooth, silk-like surface, much like the best performance athletic wear that doesn’t stick to or irritate skin.

DermaTherapy was the first bedding to be cleared as a class I medical device by the FDA for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in 2014 and is the only patented and FDA-cleared bedding available.

“Most people think that high-thread count equals a better-quality sheet and thus a better sleep experience, but that’s not what the evidence indicates,” says James Barry, business manager for healthcare products at Precision Fabrics Group. “High thread counts lead to stiffer and hotter fabrics. Not to mention, cotton bedding is harder to clean, produces more lint, promotes allergens, retains moisture and causes skinirritating friction. DermaTherapy linens have provided relief for everyone from eczema to acne to menopause sufferers.”

The innovative linens have been used in 14 clinical trials in both hospital units and long-term care facilities, proving the effectiveness of DermaTherapy as both a preventative and remedial treatment for pressure ulcers.

All of these trials saw a reduction in the numbers of patients with pressure ulcers. 2 DermaTherapy sheet sets are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen and king sizes in four colors; ivory, dove grey, glacier blue and soft mint. Pillowcases are available in standard and king sizes in the same colors. Sheet sets range from $135 to $185 and pillows range from $19.00 to $24.00.

In celebration of World Sleep Day, Precision Fabrics Group will be offering free shipping on all DermaTherapy products beginning on Friday, March 17 until Friday, March 24.

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